2018 Top Trending Rental Stories

There’s an old quote that says: “Everyone loves a good story!” And in indeed the people in the world pay attention to and pine for these entertaining and informative anecdotes. Storytelling is a powerful tool that isn’t just used for whiling away time, but instead, it has a great impact on serious aspects such as marketing, trade, business, and overall life in general. For this piece, the focus is on the trending rental stories of 2018. Both informative and amusing, the topics hereunder are stories where we can learn nuggets of wisdom from.

The Controversial Should Ladders Be Banned

Ladders have existed since the olden days of yore. They have proved to be simple, convenient, and effective. However, these tools have been deemed unsafe for doing its job. Do they have a place in your construction project, home, or even rental property? Many espouse that there are new and safer options to choose from in this modern age. Hence, they want the ladder completely eradicated.

Commercial and Rental New Outdoor Power Equipment Line

One company introduced a new high tech power line fit for rugged outdoor use. Of course, it can be used indoors, too, should the need arise. This equipment has been engineered specifically for commercial users and rental purposes. Could this new equipment power up your business?

A Cautionary Tale of the Pitfalls of DIYs on Youtube

A well meaning netizen (colloquial term for citizen of the net or internet) saw a bunch of DIY projects on Youtube on how to fix the asphalt of their home driveways. Thinking that it would be easy, this person took on the job for his own home. As it turns out, not everything you see on Youtube is as good as it looks. This person ended up biting more than he could chew with less than stellar results.

Service Par Excellence with a New Digital Platform

This tackles how a new digital platform and how it can radically change the dynamics of pre-existing old models. This particular platform’s goal is to transform the way equipment rental is managed for the benefit of the customers and clients.

The Merger of Two Leading Rental Companies

A controversial and hot story on the merger of two leading rental companies kept the internet buzzing. And rightfully so, because the amount used for the purchase is a staggering $2.1 billion! And most certainly, this amount is not loose change.

Partnership Between Two Rental Giants

Two leading companies forging a relationship always bring in a huge number of hits. These two have decided to help each other by making technology work for them through innovative software solutions and by bringing what is known as the IoT (internet of things) to equipment rental.

Rental Power National Accounts VIP

When a leading construction supply firm announces an innovative program, everyone stops, shuts up, and pays attention. This VIP rental program is designed to help businesses meet their needs and achieve their goals.

Safety First for Rental Companies Across  America

An amalgamation of interviews from rental companies around the country, this particular story focuses on the most important criterion in any business—safety. These various rental businesses shared their philosophy on making it safe for everyone.

When a Company Acquires a Fleet

 It is always major news when a big company acquires a fleet to back it up with. After all, a business can only be successful if it has the right people and machinery working behind the scenes.

Two Popular Rental Companies Tie-up

Once again, everyone loves a good merger story. A leading American company absorbs another one for the price of $715 million. It definitely piques people’s curiosity when such amounts are made publics.

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