The Impact of the Haulotte Group- Zhongneng United Digital partnership

Haulotte Group- Zhongneng United Digital
Haulotte Group- Zhongneng United Digital 

The Haulotte Group, a French aerial manufacturer recently teamed up with Zhongneng United Digital Technology, a Chinese access rental company. The two companies agreed to work in collaboration to provide their clients with a compressive rental product.

These partnering establishments have similarities in terms of the services they render to their clients. They are also well established in their respective countries which strengthens their partnership even more. 

A closer look at operations in the Haulotte Group and Zhongneng United Digital

The Haulotte Group is among the largest construction companies in France. The company became one of the top companies following a merger between them and Pinguely in 1995. 

For the last couple of years, the company has been diversifying its portfolio while expanding its operations globally. This establishment has operations in the United Kingdom, Austria, Brazil, the Netherlands, Singapore, the United States, and Sweden. 

The company has also acquired other enterprises in the quest to grow. In 2008, it acquired Bil-Jax, Inc., a US based firm. Currently, it has three plants in France, two in the United States, one in Romania, and one in Spain. The Haulotte group trades publicly at Euronext: PIG. 

Zhongneng United Digital like the Haulotte Group deals in aerial work. The organization has been in business in 2016.

They specialize in the supply of: 

Spider lifts
• Straight booms
• Scissor
• Numbering of units

Since it joined the market, Zhongneng United Digital has experienced exponential growth. It has perfected its service provision, marketing strategies as well as logistical matters. This organization has made its presence felt in more than 21 provinces and 31 cities across China. Zhongneng United Digital has acquired more than 10,000 customers in the last two and a half years and anticipates to increase its clientele in the next couple of years. 

Key executives thoughts on the merger

According to the managing director of the French enterprise Damien Gautier, their partnership with this Chinese rental company will strengthen their businesses significantly. The Haulotte Group is committed to assisting its partners and clients develop. 

Zhongneng United Digital

Therefore, this organization will contribute to the partnership by supplying quality services accompanied with advanced products. Also, the company cited that it will share its experience with Zhongneng United Digital in order to support them in the global market. The Haulotte Group plans to expand its operations to Asia while assisting its partners to reach the competitive European market. 

Wang Zhijun, the executive who leads the Haulotte Group operations in China postulates that the aerial work rental business will grow in this region. However, there is a need for imagination and development for this progress to be realized. He also added that the collaboration among these two countries will have a positive impact on the value of the industry and market. 

Yang Tianli of Zhongneng United Digital confirmed that the company has always desired to have a niche of the European market. He then congratulated Wang Zhijun and Damien Gautier for forming the foundation for the two companies to meet their targets. Finally, he acknowledged the Haulotte Group for choosing to seek the opportunity to conquer the aerial work platform and rental construction equipment market.

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