The Demand for Scissor Lifts Is Growing, Here’s What You Need to Know

Scissor Lifts

Economically, a layperson may think the use of scissor lifts and similar equipment would be dwindling, as more and more stores are turning to e-commerce; however, more business infrastructure is being built than ever before, and equipment like scissor lifts are becoming an integral part of the construction process. The urban market is booming, with more and more buildings being built. Add this to the fact that older, dilapidated areas are often being rejuvenated, and you have a lot of need for equipment like scissor lifts. As you will see, they are often a safer choice than other methods, and they offer solutions that you may not find elsewhere.

Why Use a Scissor Lift?

Vertical construction can require a lot of excess materials (scrap wood and metal) to build scaffolding. Ladders can be clumsy and not appropriate for certain jobs, making scaffolding the best solution. Only scaffolding is stationary and has to be rebuilt over and over again as the job continuously changes. Scissor lifts solve a lot of the problems that scaffolding can’t. Scissor lifts aren’t stationary, they can be utilized over and over in a lot of different areas, and they are often safer than ladders and scaffolding. Plus, there’s no wasted materials. Scissor lifts also allow for the transport of materials; whereas ladders and scaffolding only provide workers the ability to move materials up and down. Scissor lifts make moving heavier objects up and down easier and even possible in cases where it wasn’t before. Not only can scissor lifts assist with moving heavier objects, but scissor lifts can be continuously repositioned without removing supplies and objects.

Why Scissor Lifts Are In Demand?

As mentioned earlier, more and more construction is taking place as urban development is growing. This is generating more demand for devices such as scissor lifts that make going up and down with materials safer. A lot of industries are becoming more automated as well. Scissor lifts aid in this automation by allowing workers to move throughout their stations and complete their tasks comfortably and safely, reducing the risk of climbing accidents, allowing for fewer workers in certain industries, and increasing profits. Worker safety is extremely important for employee retention and compliance with laws and regulations. Scissor lifts are the best choice for a safe workplace where high access is required.

The Scissor Lift Market by 2025

It is estimated that by 2025, the scissor lift market will grow to an industry worth over $3.5 billion. Right now, it’s sitting at about $2.5 billion, so it’s estimated that demand is going to rise as there is more demand in the industry. This should be understandable, as technology continues to make all areas of life more comfortable, convenient, and safe. With digital technology combined with advancements in materials, the future of scissor lifts is anyone’s guess. As the demand grows, innovations and improvements in motors, hydraulics and pneumatics, and movement can all further increase the use of scissor lifts across industries. New technologies could also cut costs, making scissor lifts more affordable and available to a wider pool of users.

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