Entrepreneur Frank Barletta Discusses His Company: UpTop

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Recently, entrepreneur Frank Barletta sat down to do an interview. Barletta is the Chief Executive Officer of UpTop, a technology company that is seeking to change the relationship between renters, landlords, and property managers.

Barletta says that starting the business was one of the most influential days of his life. He says that creating UpTop was completely out of his comfort zone. Barletta says that he was unsure of what he was doing. Barletta says that this is his first time running a business. Barletta notes that UpTop serves the residential rental industry, as they help both renters and owners.

About UpTop

Barletta says that UpTop’s software is designed to provide value to everyone. UpTop assists current tenants by helping them find new tenants by giving them the necessary tools that they need to perform tasks, such as screening, lease signing, and rent collection. Current tenants can show new tenants on how to use the app.

Barletta understands that renting can be a stressful process for not only renters but owners as well. Barletta believes that newer technology doesn’t really solve the issues associated with the rental space. That’s why Barletta created UpTop, as he feels that the software will be able to streamline the rental industry into a singular platform. Barletta notes that UpTop is available for free to owners and operators. Barletta says that UpTop strives to make a huge impact.

UpTop Offers Free Service

Barletta says that the business model for UpTop is simple. Tenants have free access to the software. Whenever a tenant chooses to pay their rent online, they will pay the bank fee and a convenience fee. Barletta says that the software allows tenants to avoid paying cash or writing paper checks. Barletta notes that tenants may have to undergo a background check and they’ll also have their credit score checked. Barletta says UpTop shows support by giving people the tools to operate their business while they show support to UpTop by using payment processing and screening.

Shaping The Business

Barletta says that UpTop is work-flow driven. It’s important to understand software development and new workflows. Barletta collaborates with owners and operators to gain an understanding of what their daily activities consist of. Once UpTop gains an understanding of their clients, the software creates a user experience specifically designed to help them succeed. UpTop simplifies things so that operators can spend more time working on important tasks.

Barletta says that he tries to use a forward thinking approach. He believes that machine learning technology will be a very powerful tool in the near future. Barletta advises entrepreneurs to maintain good communication with their businesses partners. Make sure that the visions are aligned. Barletta also notes that it’s important to be a good listener.

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