How small construction companies can embrace new technology

The competition for construction companies is becoming stronger worldwide. If you want to keep with the others in your industry, you need to find ways to get ahead. Otherwise, you could miss out on market opportunities and new contracts. So don’t lose customers. Instead, embrace new technology. As a construction company, here are 8 ways you can put technology at the forefront of your strategy:


Your people are the lifeblood of your company. Their training with new technology will be a big part of how successful you are going forward. You can ease the transition of technologically based changes by getting your team on the same page early on. Find a way to schedule additional training so they can use it to its best effect instead of being frustrated.

Rent Equipment

Your equipment is going to add up eventually. Construction requires a lot of heavy duty machinery. This can come at great cost. Your overhead could risk your ability to maintain positive profits if you are always spending more than you have coming in on a project. This is especially true with payment terms that allow your customers to wait until project completion. Renting the equipment maintains positive cash flow for you.

Project Management

You have a lot of different projects going on in your company at any given time. Even for one big project, there are a lot of smaller tasks and deadlines that need to be met. This can be difficult or impossible without the right project management software. However, when you have the right technology you can get things done faster without confusion.

Financial Software

You have to constantly be judging your financial outlook. Construction does not have the amount of profit margin that other industries enjoy. This means if your forecasts are not accurate, you could be in the red fast. So make sure you use financial software that puts you in the know. You’ll be able to have peace of mind that your money adds up.

Social Media

No industry today can afford to do without social media. It is a powerhouse that is affecting all of our customers on a daily basis. If you are not promoting your brand and advertising on there, then your competitors will instead. This can have a profound effect on your growth. Find out what channels your target market is on, and create profiles there. You never know when those could turn into profits later on.

Improving Accuracy

Construction is a business of centimeters. There is no room for error. If you are off on your measurements just a little bit, it could spell catastrophe for the whole project. You might even have to start again.

If you make mistakes in your accuracy like this, then you can expect to be in for some massive headaches. Modern technology has equipped construction companies with better tools for measuring more precisely. This helps you get it right the first time.

Better Customer Service

The businesses and people you have contracts with expect a high level of customer service. If they don’t receive it, they might go to the next company and do business with them instead. Customer service means having great technology like live chat on your site or comprehensive software to allow customer to check the progress of their buildings.

Going Green

Even construction companies can find ways to be more eco-friendly. Just because construction equipment can emit a lot of pollution does not mean you can’t do something about it. Some companies make more green machinery. This can offset your carbon footprint. You might even see additional profits in the form of tax breaks. Many governments locally are setting new standards by rewarding companies to do this.

Running a construction company is harder today than ever before. You have the risk of competitors moving in and trying to poach your customers. However, if they adopt new technology, they could offer faster completion times and lower rates, which puts you at a further disadvantage. So use the tips above. They will help you position your company in the best way to leverage new technology going forward.

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