New Airports in China Go Up at Record Pace

The country of China is undergoing a huge transformation in its aviation landscape. As more and more Chinese citizens take to the skies in record amounts, the country’s airport infrastructure cannot keep up with the demands. The country is now set to overtake the United States as the most traveled country in the world when […]

Construction Equipment Rental Market Dynamics

=The construction equipment rental market has been booming in recent years, as leasing has replaced purchasing as standard practice in housing, energy, transport, and other sectors. The trend can be observed in companies of all sizes. Causes and Factors in Growth Driving the increase in equipment renting has been the need to reduce maintenance costs […]

How small construction companies can embrace new technology

The competition for construction companies is becoming stronger worldwide. If you want to keep with the others in your industry, you need to find ways to get ahead. Otherwise, you could miss out on market opportunities and new contracts. So don’t lose customers. Instead, embrace new technology. As a construction company, here are 8 ways […]

Entrepreneur Frank Barletta Discusses His Company: UpTop

Recently, entrepreneur Frank Barletta sat down to do an interview. Barletta is the Chief Executive Officer of UpTop, a technology company that is seeking to change the relationship between renters, landlords, and property managers. Barletta says that starting the business was one of the most influential days of his life. He says that creating UpTop […]

The Demand for Scissor Lifts Is Growing, Here’s What You Need to Know

Economically, a layperson may think the use of scissor lifts and similar equipment would be dwindling, as more and more stores are turning to e-commerce; however, more business infrastructure is being built than ever before, and equipment like scissor lifts are becoming an integral part of the construction process. The urban market is booming, with […]

Investor’s column: Here’s why safe investing is more complicated than you might think  HTML view Note

Equipment Rental Market

Safe Investing-A Balancing Act Many times, when people are about to retire, they may adjust their retirement portfolios to reflect conventional wisdom: safety, income, and growth. They worked hard for that money and do not want to lose it. The prospect of not working worries them. Their portfolio needs to replace their current income while […]

The Global Construction Machinery Telematics Market is Growing Fast

Recent research indicates the global construction machinery telematics market is growing. Its rate of growth is, in fact, faster than ever. Changes in foreign city planning policy is one of the main reasons for the growth. Infrastructure investments are making an impact as well. Around the world, the demand for construction machinery is increasing. This […]

Worldwide Vehicle Leasing Business Strategies, Market Opportunities, and Threats Assessments Forecast for Up to 2028

The World Automotive Fleet Leasing Market article seeks to provide important information touching on this market segment. The report has been thoroughly analyzed by fleet leasing experts in a bid to getting a better understanding of what it states. The account provided in the report also seeks to provide a much more detailed evaluation pertaining […]

The Construction Machinery Rental Market of Gulf Countries: An in-depth research report

Recent research indicates that the construction machinery market for Gulf countries is worth nearly $2,230 Million. During the next five years until 2023, the market is expected to grow at a steady pace of 3.09%. The rising demand is due to the increasing demands for large cranes used for multi-story structures and automation in the […]

Hillenbrand an industrial equipment maker, set to buy Milacron in $2 billion deal

(Reuters) – Industrial equipment maker Hillenbrand Inc (HI.N) on Friday agreed to buy plastics-processing equipment maker Milacron Holdings Corp (MCRN.N) in a cash and stock deal valued at about $2 billion, the companies said. Hillenbrand’s $18.07 per share offer represents about 33.6% premium to Milacron’s closing price on Thursday. Milacron shares jumped 23% to $17.05 […]