The Rental Market Outlook for 2019 Introduction

2019 has been a year full of changes and the housing sector, in particular, is one area that has greatly felt the alteration in trends. The year has given way to a new way of doing things, where home seekers prefer to rent later in life now more than in the past. This is because […]

Robots Take the Wheel as Autonomous Farm Machines Hit the Field

robots and agriculture

The Future of Farming May Involve Robots Sooner Than You Expect Long gone are the days when farmers had to wake up before the sun in order to finish off the tasks by sunset. While certain traditionalists may still stick with that practice, by and large, farmers are looking to embrace any new technology that […]

The Risks Involved With Renting Equipment

renting equipment

The film and television production business is an expensive industry. There is also a lot of risks involved, as expensive equipment may not work properly among other potential mistakes. Companies are looking for ways to avoid high-risk situations. That’s why many companies are starting to use the equipment rental industry. Here is a look at […]


Construction equipment rental market in construction segment is estimated to account for major share in the industry up to 2024  Rahul Varpe  March 25, 2019  Chemicals & Materials Owing to a surge in the demand for compaction equipment, loaders, excavators, and backhoes, the product segment of the construction equipment rental industry is being presently dominated by earthmoving […]

The Impact of the Haulotte Group- Zhongneng United Digital partnership

The Haulotte Group, a French aerial manufacturer recently teamed up with Zhongneng United Digital Technology, a Chinese access rental company. The two companies agreed to work in collaboration to provide their clients with a compressive rental product. These partnering establishments have similarities in terms of the services they render to their clients. They are also […]

Detailing The Equipment Rental Market Economy In Countries Around The World

What do you think of when rent comes to mind?  Most of us initially think of homes, apartments, and other living spaces. Others’ minds might first head to rental cars. Some would probably think of hotels for short-term stays while traveling.  Heavy equipment likely doesn’t come to anybody’s mind outside of people working in remodeling, construction, […]

The Potential Impact Of Brexit On The United Kingdom Infrastructure

united kingdom infrastructure

The Infrastructure in the United Kingdom Numerous infrastructure deals have come to the United Kingdom since the Brexit vote passed two years ago. This is despite the growing uncertainty and the regulatory and political risks. The uncertainty has caused many people to question how much the investors are willing to invest. Infrastructure assets as opposed […]

Renting Vs Leasing Industrial Equipment

industrial rental program

What is the difference between Renting or Leasing Industrial Rental Equipment? There are, though, many differences between leasing and renting. A lease, for instance, is a contract to rent an asset, be it land, a building, or machinery, for a set period of time, typically long term, at least for a year or more and […]

The Rise of the Industrial Rental Industry

rise of the rental industry

Ever since the recession in 2009, the industrial rental sector has been on a steady and consistent rise. Companies around the world have found it difficult to accumulate suitable liquidity for development projects during the global credit crunch of the financial meltdown. This has led to the emergence of independent and state-run initiatives to find […]

Construction Equipment Rental Market is Estimated to Expand Through 2023

affordable heavy equipment rentals

Market Insights There has been a massive upsurge in the modern construction of commercial and residential infrastructuresis highly anticipated that the construction equipment rental market will foster in the years to come. Market Research Future Reports have come up with its research report on the global construction equipment rental market, stating that it will rise […]