The Rental Market Outlook for 2019 Introduction

2019 has been a year full of changes and the housing sector, in particular, is one area that has greatly felt the alteration in trends. The year has given way to a new way of doing things, where home seekers prefer to rent later in life now more than in the past. This is because […]

Trends That Will Characterize the Short-Term Rental Industry in 2019

The idea of taking vacations has grown on people such that the number of people taking vacations continues to rise steadily. Consequently, the number of vacation rental industries is on the rise as they seek to tap on the rising market needs. Data collected indicated double listings across online platforms between 2017 and 2018. However, […]

The Impact of the Haulotte Group- Zhongneng United Digital partnership

The Haulotte Group, a French aerial manufacturer recently teamed up with Zhongneng United Digital Technology, a Chinese access rental company. The two companies agreed to work in collaboration to provide their clients with a compressive rental product. These partnering establishments have similarities in terms of the services they render to their clients. They are also […]

Detailing The Equipment Rental Market Economy In Countries Around The World

Equipment Rental Market

What do you think of when rent comes to mind?  Most of us initially think of homes, apartments, and other living spaces. Others’ minds might first head to rental cars. Some would probably think of hotels for short-term stays while traveling.  Heavy equipment likely doesn’t come to anybody’s mind outside of people working in remodeling, construction, […]

Dubai, a Global Tourist Destination, Sees Rental Market Begin to Boost UAE’s Economy

Dubai, a Global Tourist Destination, Gets Boost to UAE's Economy Through It's Rental Market

Dubai has continued to emerge as one of the leading holiday destinations in the world. Many holiday-makers have made their way to the UAE-based city in a bid to sample their Arab cuisines, enjoy the sunny weather, and most importantly, their exquisite accommodation facilities. Accommodation facilities that have gained significant popularity in the Dubai holiday-landscape […]

How The Sharing Economy Is Changing How We Live And Work and Rent

HFrom office sharing to car sharing to even bicycle sharing, the sharing economy is spreading its tentacles into almost every sector and market. But short term travel accommodation sharing may be just the tip of the iceberg in the hospitality industry, particularly with a national housing shortage that isn’t showing any signs of ending soon. […]