Baby Boomers Respond to the Sharing Economy

21st Century Retirement A far cry from the previous nursing home model, today’s Baby Boomers are taking a page from their grandchildren’s playbook. With the rising cost of living and long term care insurance, these senior citizens are also learning to live their best with less. Technology has enabled the latest retirees to do just […]

Home-Sharing Markets Around The World Can Be – And Are – Strikingly Different

Airbnb is the world’s largest platform for linking consumers who seek housing accommodation while traveling with people and businesses that offer such services on a short-term basis. Recently, Peng Tao, the President of Airbnb China, Airbnb’s Chinese branch, shared recently with journalists that he felt the home-sharing markets of China and the United States are […]

Is the Sharing Economy changing Online Sales?

Before your eyes, you can see the evolution of e-commerce. Rather than just using digital transactions to process economic transactions, people now access transportation, accommodations, fast food, and other shopping in new ways. Rather than buying and retaining ownership of goods and services, a growing group of people is opting to share existing resources. Continue […]

How The Sharing Economy Is Changing How We Live And Work and Rent

HFrom office sharing to car sharing to even bicycle sharing, the sharing economy is spreading its tentacles into almost every sector and market. But short term travel accommodation sharing may be just the tip of the iceberg in the hospitality industry, particularly with a national housing shortage that isn’t showing any signs of ending soon. […]